•    Material: Gold 18 KT
•    Diameter: 10 mm

10 mm Gold 18 KT Medal.
The medal of Mater Ecclesia depicts the Virgin Mary holding baby Jesus in her arms. Both have the crown and Halo, symbols of majesty and holiness. It’s a reproduction of the famous mosaic.
The Mater Ecclesia mosaic resides on the facade of the Apostolic Palace overlooking St. Peter’s Square and was commissioned by His Holiness John Paul II. On the day of his assassination, the Pope that has always been very devoted to the Virgin Mary, was carrying a medal of Mater Ecclesia.
Later, healed from his wounds, the Pope decided to thank Our Lady for her protection by having the mosaic done and placed in that particular spot, so that Mary’s gaze was focused on the Piazza and protect all the faithful who gather there and pray for her intercession as she protected him.